Grabarz & Port, Grabarz & Alster, Grabarz & Reeperbahn (yeah!).

Our home is right in the heart of Hamburg – strategically we’re exceptionally well-placed between the Inner Alster, HafenCity quarter and St. Pauli. In our six floors of loft spaces at Schaartor 1, nearly 300 specialists from various disciplines are combined under one roof. The layout and concept of the space is defined by the idea of Participative Creativity: spacious rooms for collaborating interspersed with more intimate quiet spaces and breakout zones. And anyway, to quote our architect, “the fire brigade and Fleet Clinic are both within striking distance”. So as you see, we’re ready for anything.


  • 10 minutes from central station
  • 30 minutes from the airport
  • 5 minutes from the port
  • 10 minutes from the Alster river
  • 8.5 minutes from the Reeperbahn (!)