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The only thing we keep to ourselves is what happens at our parties.

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"Nacht der Löwen." Last agency standing. At the bar. (Respectively behind the bar). Thanks, Weischer.Media for that beautiful night. And for all the Cannes Lions.View facebook post

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We are proud and happy to have won one Gold and four Bronze @ The Clio Awards. Congratulations to our awesome teams, clients and partners!Zum Facebook-Post

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We blew up a garden gnome in a commercial. Not everyone quite understood why. Thank you, dear ADAC for your attitude and confidence. #wearemore #wirsindmehrView the article


Well, this isn’t the ADAC as we remember it! Thankfully. Top work by GP2 – and top work by the following yellow angels: CZAR.DE, director Hauke Hilberg, LOFT Berlin, Supreme Music and everyone else who put their foot on the gas!See the campaign


House squatting is so 80s! “Muchas gracias compadres” to our friends at Volkswagen, our fluffy G&P-VW team, soup. filmproduktion berlin, the famous director Scott Pickett, FABLEfx, Pirates ‘n Paradise, MOKOH Music, Studio Funk and everyone else! (No animals were harmed in the making of this film. Okay, maybe some copywriters. And...yeah, some art directors. Okay, and some producers. And...)Watch the video


Fathers and daughters. Daughters and fathers. It can get a little complicated. As it does in this film, which we produced as part of the international launch campaign for the fantastic new Volkswagen Touareg. Big hugs to our partners at Volkswagen, our romantic VW teams, the full throttle director Martin Werner, our friends at CZAR.DE, Yessian Music, BaconX and Studio Funk Hamburg – and everyone else who put so much brains and passion as well as their heart and soul into this project.See the video


Holidays! And there is so much to discover! (Like our new print campaign for the Volkswagen California, for example). Thanks everyone involved! Yeah, that’s you: our fantastic Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Team, Cem Guenes, Spellwork Pictures, Sermed Darah and all the others. Nice one!See the campaign


Mashable says: ‘Never heard of it!’ Kicker says: ‘Who?!’. Der Spiegel says: ‘Will you please stop calling us?’. Everyone else says: ‘Finally, for f***'s sake!’. Because the legendary G&P World Cup live ticker is back! The most exciting matches from the World Cup, commented on live on Facebook by the most laid-back men and women in the advertising industry.See the live ticker


A dream come true: in the “Film” category, our film “Kids dreams” for Volkswagen has just won Germany's only Silver Lion. This Lion doesn’t belong to our team, our friends at Volkswagen, our production partners or the fantastic director Sebastian Strasser. No, the thing belongs wholly to consultant Angie Jäger who worked on this baby day and night for months on end.view complete facebook post


Pride, immortality and astonishment, a bottle of Heineken, a glass of rosé, two young guys, six (!) Cannes Lions and a hangover – captured in one single picture. Thanks everyone @grabarzundpartnerfamily for making this awesome thing happen. You know who you are.view complete facebook post


C'est incroyable: Our team has just won Gold at the Cannes Young Lions Competition! Congratulations Edu and Henry, you make all of us proud! (Insert Spandau Ballet song here.)view complete facebook post


What a week! After winning 10 Bronze (!), 5 Silver (!!) and 4 Gold (!!!) awards at the New York Festivals for more or less every G&P client we've also just won Gold and Silver at the German Business-To-Business Awards. Yeah, Business to Business. All that boring stuff, some think. We think: you can do great work in every category, for every product or the video


Welcome to G&P Felix! It is great to have you!view W&V article


For a brand as fantastic as Porsche, we're prepared to do anything. Even a completely new “Porsche Experience Magazine”. Designed, written and produced by our famous G&P crew. See a few impressions on facebook. Thanks to everyone who sweated, wrote, designed, photographed and printed!view facebook post


Working. Driving. Producing films. Together everything is more fun. A big thank you for this beautiful Porsche Cayenne clip goes out to our Pals @Porsche, our high revving G&P Porsche Teams, Iconoclast Germany, Director Rob Chiu, Slaughterhouse GmbH Visual Manufacturing Medienproduktion, LOFT Studios and all our friends and partners. Nice one, guys.see the video


When our managing director strategy, Steffi Kuhnhen, does not run our shop, conducts workshops or gives lectures, takes care of her family, keeps the Account Planning Group busy, or develops an App - she does what we all would do. She writes a book.view the facebook post


Initially, it’s just an idea. Then, it’s an idea written on a piece of paper. Then, an idea on a piece of paper in a meeting. And if you nurture this idea for months and care for it with love and attention, enhancing it, protecting it, defending it all the time – then it will develop into something. Such as the winner in the ‘Best Script’ category at complete post


Dear people of Switzerland: something’s coming your way. A world of expertise, intelligence and fun. In other words: our creative group head Diana Sukopp. ‘Grüezi!’View HORIZONT article


We are so happy and proud to announce that our Junior Art Director Ryan Leckie has just won the Student Innovation award at SXSW – together with his pal Jakub Straka. Congratulations, Ryan and Jakub, congratulations, Miami Ad School Europe! Very well done, guys!See the winner gallery


Love fire. Love courage. Love clients like Burger King.View adweek article


‘D’ for ‘Dirk’, for ‘Digital’, for ‘Doing things right!’. Congrats, dude! Everyone at G&P is thrilled for you!view horizont article


Why are there so many electric cars in Norway? Isn’t it far too big and too cold there? Let’s ask some Norwegians, we thought. And then we’ll make videos and digital materials for Volkswagen out of this. This led to the campaign ‘Be more Norway’.view facebook post


We’re proud and happy to have helped our friends @Volkswagen to become number 1 in the 2018 Gunn Report. Cheers, guys!View W&V-Artikel


We could cry. From joy. Potentially all systems go for our new Euronics campaign! With this film, for example. A thousand thanks to these great customers, our highly emotional teams, Fox Devil Films GmbH, director Niels Gråbøl, DELI Creative Collective, Studio Funk and BLUT. the video


What an honour, thank you,! And an even bigger thanks to our awesome teams, clients, friends and partners.Read Adforum article


“Reini and Reini” – no, that’s not the title of some mediocre soap about a flatshare you might’ve seen last night, it’s the title of a fantastic interview conducted by our managing director Reinhard Patzschke with advertising legend and S&J founder Reinhard Springer.Watch the interview


w&v magazine has once again chosen the most important figures in the communications industry. And we’re proud to say that our managing director Ralf Heuel has been named one of the top 10 “Creatives”! In their scribblings about him, the editorial team called him our creative soul and someone who we can expect a lot from in 2018. No pressure, dear Ralf – but congratulations!Zum Artikel


Tadaaa! Here it is: the Christmas present for all our clients, partners and friends. Admittedly, it took us a little while to unpack it. Ahem. 22 days to be precise. But hey, it was hellishly the video


There could be no better way to start 2018. Welcome to Grabarz & Partner, you talented and good-looking people: Marion Stöber, Diane Tourlouse, Alexander Baron, Janik Pahl and Mariam Yassin! It’s great to have you with us!”view facebook post


When we came up with this idea we thought: „No, they will never do this. They will never show all these other beautiful cars in their own commercial. Never. Ever.“ As of today, it is on air. Worldwide. A really big thank you to you courageous guys at Volkswagen International (you know who you are). And kudos for all the brillant work, the passion and the stamina to our awesome G&P teams.See the Video


Give to those in need this christmas. That’s exactly what we did. For our friends @Burger King. Kudos to Candy Mountain, Audioforce and the magic Tobias Perse!read the article