Campaign „Crown Concept“

Burger King,


They are musicians, sailors or firefighters. Don’t comply with the script. And like to fool around from time to time. So what are they doing in the new BURGER KING tv commercials?

Well, excatly what they are just doing – because they are real, authentic BURGER KING guests. And with the globally executed ”crown campaign“ they are put into the spotlight. In short interviews they tell us about their everyday life resp. why they prefer coming to BURGER KING. One my wonder sometimes what is all brought to the table here. But that is just the BURGER KING claim: Be Your Way.

Oh, and one thing of course shall not be missing in a true crown-commercial: the golden BURGER KING crown on the heads.


Client Burger King // Branches Catering / system catering // Year

Category TV

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Jan-Timo Balke
Teamleiter Business Development
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