Viral „The Mannschafts- WHOPPER®“

Burger King, 2016


„A totally insane idea – that’s why it’s the best Euro 2016 campaign this year“, says Schlecky Silberstein. „A great marketing idea.“, says the HORIZONT. „Marvellous“ and „football-crazy.“, says Hans Sarpei.

And all that for a good reason. With BURGER KING we revived the winning spirit of our last European Championship title from 1996 and turned it into an ingredient for the most extraordinary WHOPPER® ever. The Mannschafts-WHOPPER®.

First up we had to find the holy Wembley-turf where the winning spirit still lives. Easier said than done. The stadium was gone. But not the turf - we found it in Essex. So we brought the legendary green with a forty tonne truck across the channel to Germany and used it to grow tomatoes, onions and lettuce on it.

We created 96 special Mannschafts-WHOPPER®, which we gave to the 96 biggest fans at the fan park in Berlin. That way, even as a not offical sponsor, we gave something special to those, who really count in football: the fans.  


Client Burger King // Branches Catering / system catering // Year 2016

Category Case studies, Viral

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