Viral „Truckvertising“

Burger King, 2016


Truck drivers: big boys with a big appetite for burgers. But how do we get them to dig into a fresh-off-the-grill Whopper® instead of some substitute burger from the competition? Easy!

We developed ads only truck drivers can see – and we built a drive-in just for them. Both turned out to be a big hit, not just with the truck drivers but all over Germany. ‘Truckvertising’ was the most widely-shared online clip in June 2016. It achieved an organic reach of more than 4.5 million views on Facebook alone.


Client Burger King // Branches Catering / system catering // Year 2016

Category Outdoor, Promotion/media
, Case studies, Viral

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Jan-Timo Balke
Teamleiter Business Development
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