Campaign “Be more Norway”

Volkswagen, 2017


Norway. The key things that pop up in your mind are Vikings, fjords, elves and strange metal bands. Well, to our minds at least. But there’s one more defining fact to add: in this very big, extremely cold and sparsely populated country, every third newly licensed car is an electric one. Which makes Norway Europe’s leading country in terms of e-mobility. And in fact, the most sold e-car was an e-Golf. Some good reasons to ask some locals: What is life like with an e-car? So, that’s what we did. The result was a ton of content, which we used for four online films, a web special and a big burst of social media pieces. In fact, it was so fascinating that we ultimately put a TV and a cinema spot on top. Or „Det er sterkt!“ – as the Norwegians say.


Client Volkswagen // Branches Automotive // Year 2017

Category Cinema
, TV, Digital Media

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Jan-Timo Balke
Teamleiter Business Development
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