Viral „Germany's funniest crosswalk.“

Volkswagen, 2016


Traffic can feel like a battlefield, especially between pedestrians and drivers. Volkswagen wanted to put an end to this fight on National Road Safety Day. That’s why we hijacked a crosswalk in downtown Cologne, installing a road sign that showed people could cross there - but in a silly way. Just to make traffic a bit funnier and a bit less stressful. And it worked: many pedestrians became very creative with their goofy walks, and smiles broke out everywhere. Of course, we filmed the prank – and were rewarded with over 2.5 million views and 23,000 shares on Facebook. In this way, we proved that fun moments can result from considering others on the road.


Client Volkswagen // Branches Automotive // Year 2016

Category Spatial communication , Digital Media

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Jan-Timo Balke
Teamleiter Business Development
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